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Things to consider during the Glass Glazing Process

Are you tired of looking at your windows and seeing the same bland framework design? Are you considering making a change in your home but don’t have the budget to tear down walls to accommodate your renovation ideas? Then you might want to consider glass glazing for your Sunshine Coast home.

Glass glazing adds an artistic aesthetic touch to the glass in your windows and doors. The process is easy and cost-effective. Of course with any form of renovating, glass glazing requires precision, patience, and a great deal of care. You are after all working with glass, the last thing you want to do is have it crack or shatter.

The first thing you’ll need to guarantee is that the frame you are using to hold the glass is strong enough to hold it. The frame should also accommodate the shape and size of the glass you’ll be working on. Any kind of imbalance or obtrusion within the frame could damage the glass. It’s also important because if you have to force the glass into the frame, you risk damaging the edges, or worse, causing the structure of the glass to weaken and break.

Throughout the entire project, make sure that the glass is not exposed to direct sunlight as this can stain it during the glazing process. Don’t let water from condensation form or remain on the glass surface either. You can reduce the chances of this happening by glazing the glass panes completely. Once you are done, you can finish the job by applying glazing sealant to the outer section of the glass where the glazing process was applied to.

Now that the basics have been covered, let’s talk art, or rather glass glazing art. With any project you make, you must first create an outline, a rough draft or a sketch. This applies to anything that you do. Think about what architects do. They don’t simply start building. They plan things out, creating rough sketches first before the real work begins. You need to do the same. Once you’ve sketched out what you intend your artwork to look like, get a second opinion. That’s right! Ask your significant other, your mother, father, sister, brother, uncle, cousin, neighbour, best friend, whomever, what they think. It could be that you’re looking at your design as a masterpiece but the world in general might not see it that way. When it comes to any form of home renovation, opinions matter.

Once you are dead set on how you want to do your glass glazing, you need to select the type of glass you want to work on. You should consider things like the colour you intend to use, the pattern of the artwork and its texture. If you’ve never done it before then you might want to consider working with pre-cut tile glasses.
Next you’ll need to gather the tools you’ll be using. Of all the instruments for your project, a glass cutter is by far the most essential. You’ll also need glass pliers and grinder, glass cutter fluid, and a solder wire and iron.

Once you foil the back of the glass and its edges, you can start piecing together your artwork design and finish it off with the soldering process.
Just remember that glass can cut you. So consider wearing gloves and goggles to protect yourself while working on your glass glazing project.

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