Glass Choices

Take control of your environment!

Choosing the right glass improves a home's comfort levels and helps protect rooms against heat loss or gain. Good use of glass makes rooms quieter, cooler or warmer and more secure and private. It can even reduce how much your furniture fades.

What are your requirements?

  • noise control?
  • temperature control/energy efficiency?
  • safety?
  • asthetics?

Acheive the important things to your lifestyle with the correct choice of glass.

Here at Axis / Caloundra Glass we have the knowledge and experience to help you make the important decision of glass choice.

Good glazing can provide:

  • Insulation against heat and cold, with the bonus of saving on energy costs.
  • Protection against furniture fading from ultra violet rays.
  • Privacy.
  • Light transmission and glare protection.
  • Noise reduction.
  • Condensation reduction.
  • Improved levels of security.
  • Safety.
Style and Value you can relax with...

Noise Reduction

Unwanted noise can spoil the comfort of your home. If you'd like to reduce traffic or voice noise, thicker laminated glass can be an excellent solution. Be aware that, while there is a range of glass solutions for different noise problems, windows are not the only way noise can enter the home. Download brochure on Noise Control here. Brochure courtesy of National Glass.

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Energy Efficiency/Thermal Glazing

Double glazing comprises of two panes of glass separated by a sealed air space. The air space acts as an insulator keeping the internal house temperature relatively constant. This keeps the cost of air conditioners and heating down. Double glazing also reduces condensation. Download brochure on Climate Control here. Brochure courtesy of National Glass.

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Safety Glass

The law demands minimum standards in locations prone to human impact. Some safety glazing is mandatory. Let us advise you on this important matter to ensure your safety and compliance with applicable building codes. Toughened and laminated glass are both "A" grade safety glass and offer high levels of protection against injury.

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Although originally designed to provide increased levels of privacy and glare reduction through diffusion of incoming light, obscure glass now also provides an exciting and new design element for many building applications. Available in a range of stylish and contempory products, such as acid etched, translucent laminate and patterned glass. Click here to view readily available patterned glass. Photos courtesy of National Glass.

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Tinted and reflective glass reduces glare and ultra violet light. There are tones of green, blue, grey and bronze to choose from. This glass reduces the ultraviolet rays, saving soft furnishings from prematurely fading.

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Security Glazing

You can make your home more secure without detracting from its appearance. Laminated glass consists of two or more sheets glued together with a flexible interlayer. If laminated glass is broken, the pieces remain adhered to the interlayer. This characteristic also makes it an "A" Grade safety glass.

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